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Wall Units


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Wall Unit WU-15A
Wall Unit WU-15B
Storage Door
Wall Unit WU-15C
2 Storage Doors
Wall Unit WU-15D
Full Storage Door
Wall Unit WU-30A
Wall Unit WU-30B
Storage Doors
Wall Unit WU-30C
2 Storage Doors
Wall Unit WU-30D
Wall Unit WU-30E
2 Drawers
Wall Unit WU-30F
4 Drawers
Wall Unit WU-30G
2 Drawers / Storage Drawers
Wall Unit WU-30H
4 Drawers / Storage Doors
All furniture melamine laminate finish
Cabinetry shipped flat, ready to assemble
All wall units approximately 16" deep - 85" high
All units feature fixed and adjustable shelves
Murphy Beds, bed cabinets and wall units sold separately.

See Murphy Bed Page for information on bed mechanisms.

As we constantly strive to improve our products, specifications are subject to change without notice.


You can order online at or call 1-800 -845-2337

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