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The Murphy Bed mechanism is constructed of heavy gauge steel angles riveted together for extra strength. The bed pivots on hardened steel roller pins that rotate in ferritic malleable castings. The bed is easily raised and lowered by high tension balancing springs of 8 gauge oil-tempered wire (6-1/2" long x 1-1/8" dia.). Automatically operated bed legs fold out when bed is lowered and retract when bed is stored vertically. The base brackets are anchored directly to the floor with ten #14x2" long screws. Bed strap is supplied to hold mattress and all bedding in place when bed is stored.

The mattress foundation is a wood frame constructed of select Canadian spruce with six 3" wide cross braces for extra strength, a separator and foam topper which is covered with a heavyweight nonskid fabric and quilted quality Damask borders.

Murphy beds, bed cabinets and wall units sold separately. See Murphy Bed Cabinet section for information on available cabinetry. As we constantly strive to improve our products, specifications are subject to change without notice.


You can order online at or call 1-800 -845-2337

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